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You build, we guard

The cybersecurity challenges the world is facing today are getting higher. We are a group of practitioners with professional experience in the field of cybersecurity who contribute and have a vision of creating a safer digital environment and experience for all stakeholders.

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Pandava is a cybersecurity company that offers a unique product - Pentest from the inside . We have developed a special internal Threat Intelligence System, which monitors and analyzes critical IT infrastructures.

We offer Certified Penetration Tests to companies. We provide actionable solutions to help you stop attackers before they impact your business and reputation.
Security that is always on and always watching. For up to 2,000 IPs or 25 users, get deep, real-time visibility into your business-critical applications and data.

Instantly give your business the IT visibility and control it needs to reduce risk and manage costs. Quick and easy system deployment – with 3 clicks and you are up and running in minutes. No hardware to buy, no cloud subscriptions needed.
A trusted home for the world's most cutting-edge white hat hackers. We coordinate the experts with your internal security team to ensure weaknesses in your website and software are discovered, remediated, and rewarded.

Closed Loop Security is on a mission to connect organizations with a global network of security resources.
Grasp the essentials of cybersecurity! has prepared a material titled "Cybersecurity Essentials" for you. It contains three theoretical modules that will introduce you to basic knowledge and methods of operation in the cybersecurity field.

We even provide training in live virtualized environments and on real-world customer systems where students can hone their skills. We offer both traditional instructor-led classes and "college accredited" certifications via our College of Hackers.
There are only 2 type of companies:
Those that have been hacked, and
those who don't yet know they have been hacked.
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