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Vulnerability Response

Stay secure with our vulnerability response service, designed to keep your business safe.
Vulnerability Response

Contacted by Hackers?

Secure our digital environment

Have you been contacted by hackers? They are your friend. If a hacker contacts your company, we will help you for remediation process.

Our goal is to create a secure and safe environment for our clients by identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities in a timely and responsible manner.

We provide you guidance to create Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP), from policy creation, scopes, out of scopes, and any other matter that is important.

Take the first step
Show to everyone that you are serious about cybersecurity

VDP makes everyone aware that you don’t take cybersecurity lightly. This will raise the company’s credibility with users. Our ethical hackers will follow VDP policy and we ensure that they will not exploit the vulnerabilities on your system.

Ethical hackers collaboration

Apart from making your environment system secure and safe, VDP will make you build relationships with ethical hackers. You can invite them later on your next program, such as bug bounty program or penetration testing.

Start now!

Only with us, you will get assistance for publishing VDP policies and remediation.

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