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1-1 Consultation

Get personalized cybersecurity guidance with our 1-1 consultation
1-1 Consultation

Tailored to your needs

You got hacked? Curious about internet safety? Schedule your time now!

Our 1-1 consultation services are tailored to your specific needs and concerns, ensuring that you get the most out of the session.

Our team of experienced cybersecurity consultants will provide you with expert advice and guidance.

Our consultation services cover all aspects of cybersecurity, from risk management to incident response.

How do I start?
Online or in-person options

Our consultation services can be done online via chat or in-person, giving you the flexibility to choose the format that works best for you.


Our 1-1 consultation services are cost-effective, providing you with valuable knowledge and advice at an affordable price.

Get started now!

Don't wait any longer to protect yourself or your company, schedule your 1-1 consultation today.

Schedule your consultation now!


Find vulnerabilities and weak points within your digital platform & infrastructures.

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BIMA simplifies your security management while removes the needs to employ (expensive) staff.

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Level up your skills with hands-on learning material that we have formulated with experts.

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