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Bounty Platform

Find and fix vulnerabilities faster with our revolutionary bug bounty platform: The Next Generation of Crowdsourced Security Testing
Bounty Platform

Team Up with Ethical Hackers

Know your vulnerability and remediate with help

Bug bounty programs are run by companies and organizations in order to increase the security of their products and services.

Ethical hackers that find the vulnerability will be given monetary reward based severity of the vulnerability.

Ethical hackers as are researchers will help company for bug remediation and retesting. Be close with hackers and solve the problem with their own views.

What are our distinguishing factors?
Double Review

We employ double review to validate the vulnerability report. Three ethical hackers will participate to review the vulnerability report. It will save you time and effort. Monetary reward will be given to three ethical hackers that review the report, so it will maintain good quality of the review from three ethical hackers.

Retesting & Scoped Reward

One of three reviewers will be retester after vulnerability is patched. Same with the three reviewers, re-tester will be given monetary rewards too. We know that each asset has its own impact. We use CVSS score to determine the severity. Same CVSS score of two vulnerabilities from different assets does not necessarily have the same impact on your product or system. This is why you can set different rewards for each asset.

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